Current Projects

Current Projects






Happiness Oselebe Ebonyi State University, Abakaliki Ebonyi State, Nigeria  


  1. Coordinator “MoBreed Project”, Grant No EACEA/07/2016 – Funded by the Intra-Africa Academic Mobility Scheme of the European Union – Enhancing training and research mobility for novel crops breeding in Africa.
  2. EBSU Coordinator, AfricaYam Project titled ‘‘Africa Yam: Enhancing yam breeding for increased productivity and improved quality in West Africa’, November 2014.
  3. PI TETFund research grant on African Yam Bean (AYB) – genetic diversity of African yam bean accessions in Ebonyi State assessed with inter-simple sequence repeat (issr) markers
  4. PI – Enhancing plantain and banana (Musa) propagation through biotechnology and delivery of improved varieties to subsistence farmers in southeast Nigeria, University – TETFund grant
  5. Pioneer M/D – EBSU Agribusiness Enterprises Limited
  6. CEO – Strategic Seeds Nigeria Limited
Dr Ebinimi Joe Ansa Nigerian Institute for Oceanography and Marine Research Bayelsa State, Nigeria
  1. Establishment of aquaculture villages at Yenegwe and Igeibiri in Bayelsa State.
  2. Training of fish farmers in fish pond management, enterprise management using the Nigerian Agricultural Enterprise Curriculum (NAEC) and post harvest management.
  3. Ecological studies of Nun River, Ekowe, Bayelsa State.
Olaitan O. Olajuyigbe Nigerian Institute for Oceanography and Marine Research
  1. Evaluation of the aflatoxin content of fish feeds and fish feed ingredients
  2. Evaluation of the aflatoxin content of smoke-dried fish
  3. Alternatives for fishmeal in fish feeds
  4. Value-addition of some under-utilized fish.
Bolanle Aishat Akinwande Ladoke Akintola University of Technology Oyo State, Nigeria
  1. Use of shelve stable intermediate product from Orange Fleshed Sweet Potato to develop value added products.
  2. Addressing food safety issues of dried foods: Use of sustainable technology for drying fruits and vegetables with export potential.
Binta Iliyasu Nigerian Institute for Trypanosomiasis Research  Plateau State, Nigeria
  1. DNA vaccine against African trypanosomiasis
  2. Survey of tsetse and trypanosomiasis in Tagwai Community, Northwest Nigeria.
  3. Engaging the Youth in Agriculture through Role Modelling.
  4. Preliminary survey of tsetse, trypanosomiasis and ethno-practices in Southwest Nigeria.
  5. Baseline survey on the status of women artisanal miners in Nigeria.
Joy I. Odimegwu University of Lagos  Lagos State, Nigeria
  1.  Evaluation of Cytotoxic Principles in edible Dioscorea Species.
Omolara Titilayo Aladesanmi  Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife Osun State, Nigeria
  1. Effect of Different Culture Media on the Biometric and Biochemical Parameters of Clarias gariepinu  Burchell 1822.
  2. Evaluation of Phytoremediation Potential and Response of Antioxidant Enzymes in Water Hyacinth (Eichhornia crassipes) Exposed to Various Concentrations of Selected Heavy Metals
  3. Toxicological Effects of Detergent-processed cassava
 Dr Adetunji Oredipe   World Bank
  1. Third National Fadama Development Project.
  2. Second Additional Financing to the Third National Fadama Development Project
  3. Livestock Productivity and Resilience Support Project.
Kehinde Oluwasayo Moyib (Ph.D)  Tai Solarin University of Education  Ogun State, Nigeria
  1. Development of nutrition data fact sheet for food crops
  2. Metabolomics, macro and micronutrients profiling of African food crops to support FAO food data base
  3. Targeted and untargeted metabolomics profiling of low molecular weight organic molecules for postharvest physiological deterioration, PPD, an unresolved stress of cassava with biotechnology tools
  4. Targeted trace analysis of unwanted/toxic organic compounds in food crops for safety
  5. Genetic improvement of indigenous and untapped food crops for nutritive value
  6. Exploration of indigenous food crops and plants as bioactive
  7. Chemistry of cassava as biomaterial for bioremediation of water resources
  8. Development of low-cost biomaterial from indigenous agricultural wastes
  9. Exploration of curative and protective effect of indigenous plant extract on tumours and cancer of vital organs
  10. Development of Nigerian herbal medicine for tumors and important diseases