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Welcome to Niward

was created to give Nigerian scientists and agricultural researchers who have been chosen as African Women in Agricultural Research and Development (AWARD) Fellows, a much needed platform to transfer the knowledge and skills gained through the Program to transform the rural agricultural sector in Nigeria. ...Read More


Hosted by CENTRE FOR GENDER ISSUES IN SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY Federal University of Agriculture, Akure Ondo State, Nigeria Phone: +234 08076766673 E-mail: Website:

This is a list of projects that the Fellows, mentors, and mentees are researching and implementing in various part of Nigeria. To work with us or support our efforts, please check out the list and.

Processing and preservation of indigenous vegetables – Southwestern Nigeria

Farming and information on food and nutrition and entrepreneurship development – National level

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16 NiWARD aims to build partnerships with government agencies and bodies, academic institutions, non-governmental organizations, faith-based groups, and the private sector. Our Fellows have years of experiences, diverse specialized skills, and have solid relationships with different stakeholders in the Nigerian agricultural sector that can be leveraged for sustainable economic development.
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5NiWARD is filling the gaps in the Nigerian rural agricultural sector by creating and managing rural women farmers networks, fostering peer to peer knowledge transfer, and ensuring the implementation of targeted empowerment policies. NiWARD has 68 AWARD Fellows participating in the Program from the 6 regions of Nigeria.
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